My Sun City West Garage Door isn’t Opening, Now What?

If you are having troubles in opening your garage door, some factors may be responsible for this. These reasons may be so trivial that you can resolve them yourself or they may be so complex that you will need the service of a Garage Door Repair Sun City West Technicians.

Despite the overwhelming frustrations that irresponsible garage doors can bring, taking your time to investigate what the reasons are can be very helpful as you may find that you don’t need the service of a garage door repair technician in Sun City West.

Here’s a list of things to look out for if your garage door isn’t opening at all.

• Reason 1: Dead Transmitter batteries
Your garage door transmitter is powered by batteries and when it dies, it will not be able to send the signals to open the door.

What to do?
Replace the batteries in the transmitter by opening the back of the transmitter and removing the old batteries. If the wire door has issues, you will need a screwdriver to open it. Replace the batteries with the new ones making sure that the plus and minus signs in your transmitter align with the batteries positive and negative terminals respectively.

• Reason 2: Unaligned Tracks
Your garage door track is the metal rail on what the door rolls. If it is bent or if there are gaps between the tracks, your garage door will not open.

What to do?
If you suspect that your garage door isn’t opening because of this reason, it is always advisable to get a professional garage door repair technician since handling this problem yourself may cause injuries.

• Reason 3: Broken Springs
If your garage door is not opening even though you can hear that the motor is running and you are convinced that nothing is wrong with the transmitter, you may have a broken torsion spring. These springs do the lifting of the door and if one or both of them are broken, the door won’t open.

What to do?
There is very little you can do about this. So call a professional garage door repair specialist in Sun City West AZ.

• Reason 4: Tampered Opener Switch
If you hear the motors are running and the springs are intact but the garage door is still not opening, you may have tampered with the disconnect switch on the garage door opener.

What to do?
The disconnect switch is used to open the garage door manually in case of power failure. If you have tampered with it unknowingly, then you will need to open the door all the way manually and then reattach the hook.

• Reason 5: Manual Lock
If the springs, track, and transmitter of your garage door seem to be working properly but the motor runs for a few seconds and then stops, you may have mistakenly locked the door manually.

What to do?
Look for the manual lock handle and turn it open until it clicks.

• Reason 6: Something on its way
Modern garage doors come with a safety mechanism that prevents them from closing if something is on their way. This is designed to protect children and pets but may sometimes drive you crazy.

What to do?
If you find no problem with your garage door but it is just not closing, inspect it closely paying attention to the photo eye sensors. Something as miniature as gum or mud could be on its way. Clean the whole track with a damp cloth and you will be okay.